Supporting Rural Families in Need

The Michael Manion Wool Industry Foundation was established in 2015 as a reach-out support service for rural families or children in need.


Michael Manion was a larger than life, gregarious person who had an enormous empathy for people. He affectionately carried the nick name “The Legg” and will always be remembered as one of the wool industry’s great personalities.

Michael’s lifetime passion was the wool industry and everyone involved in it. Legg always went out of his way to mentor and help young people in the trade.

Michael Manion passed away on Sunday 27 July 2014, after a short battle with cancer.

He was only 61.

Michael’s passing inspired his colleagues, peers and mates to ensure that the Legg’s premature end was not for without an ongoing legacy to the greater wool and agricultural industry.

The Michael Manion Wool Industry Foundation (MMWIF) runs several fundraising events each year within the wool industry but welcome any donations from the greater farming and agricultural community.

Their Stories

Cases of those who have received support.

Your Support

All contributions are gratefully accepted.

How The Michael Manion Wool Industry Foundation (MMWIF) Can Help

If you know someone or a family in need please be sure to contact us. We are also always open to donations, fundraising ideas and initiatives.

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