Their Stories

The Michael Manion Wool Industry Foundation has a short history but already we have given significant support to make a difference in very difficult circumstances.

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In September 2020 the MMWIF reached out to help young Jamie Sherlock and his family who live near Boddington, Western Australia.

Jamie was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia (ALL), a type of blood and bone marrow cancer, in September 2019.  The foundation assisted with some funds to help cover ongoing treatments along with giving mum, Nicky and Dad, Les, a weekend away to ‘de-stress’.

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In January 2020 the MMWIF created a holiday of a lifetime for the Mills Family of Armidale, who live in cancer’s shadow. Carmel Mills has stage 4 terminal breast cancer and her husband Greg was undergoing prostate cancer testing. They have two daughters, Destiny (15) and Annabelle (11). Destiny has a connective tissue disease. If ever a family needed a holiday to remember it was the Mills.

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Nine-year-old Jarrah has lost both of his eyes to retinoblastoma – a rate form of malignant cancer that only occurs in young children. Jarrah’s Fight for Sight campaign organiser and family frield Kym Cross explained they were overwhelmed to receive a call from Ken Stock, chairman of the Michael Manion Wool Industry Foundation.

“The donation alone will pay for Jarrah’s prosthetic eyes and the braille note machine he needs.”

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A SPECIAL Quick Shear event to raise funds for well-known Clunes district shearer Anthony ‘Bushy’ Hill will be held at the town’s show ground on December 8.

The 65-year-old was shearing up until a few months before he was diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease this year. The Michael Manion Wool Industry Foundation has donated $10,000 to his cause.

Bushy and wife Andy are foster parents of four of their grandchildren. Matilda and Jaiden are in secondary school and Ameekah and Brandon attend the Clunes Primary School.

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Tony ‘Bushy’ Hill

8 year old Annie is the daughter of Wagga district wool growers Cathryn and Jason Singe, and was born with a “Giant Congenital Melanocytic Nevus” or birthmark, which initially covered about one third of her torso.

She has had about 50 operations in her lifetime to help remove the nevus and generate healthy skin, but these have not always been successful.

The Foundation funded a trip by Annie and her mother Cathryn to the Nevus Outreach 2018 International Conference and Reunion in Chicago earlier this month.

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The Singe Family with MMWIF Chairman, Ken Stock

The Michael Manion Wool Industry Foundation presented a $7000 cheque to Alfred Hackett, and his partner Amy Rogers, Gelantipy, who was involved in a road accident prior to Christmas last year.

Mr Hackett was found in an upside down car, and was trapped for six hours before he could be released, following the accident on December 19. He was flown to hospital in a Helimed helicopter, and has been in hospital, away from home, since mid-February.

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