Our Story

What is the Michael Manion Wool Industry Foundation? 

The Foundation is a registered charity and was established in 2015 as a reach-out support service for rural families or children in need.

Who is Michael Manion?

Michael was a larger than life, gregarious person who had much empathy for people. During his lifetime in the wool industry he always went out of his way to mentor and help young people in the trade.

Michael Manion passed away on Sunday 27 July 2014, after a short battle with cancer. He was only 61.

HE WAS known as a ‘Trojan’ in the wool industry and now the late Michael Manion’s name will be perpetuated with a foundation set up by his peers to assist rural people in need.

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Michael was in the wool trade for 43 years as a wool-buyer and inspired a lot of people around him, including looking after young wool-buyers just starting out

Ken Stock, friend and MMWIF Chairman

Michael’s passing inspired his colleagues, peers and mates to ensure that the Legg’s premature end was not for without an ongoing legacy to the greater wool and agricultural industry.

We really want to make a big impact raising funds for the rural community.

The Michael Manion Wool Industry Foundation (MMWIF) runs several fundraising events each year within the wool industry but welcome any donations from the greater farming and agricultural community.

People on the land can find it tough at times – they’re at the mercy of the gods and sometimes children suffer because of it.

This Foundation is here to support rural families in need due to the likes of illness or accidents.